In House Research & Development

Thanks to its constant investment in Research and Development, the company has the ability to design and develop new and innovative products on a continuous basis. Launching new product ranges to meet our customers’ needs is always at the core of our business.

We have invested heavily in the latest 3D design capabilities along with state of the art rapid prototyping facilities which allow our design team to take concepts to testing and realisation with lightning speed.

Investment in Technology

From robotic automation to 3D printing, Manthorpe has never been averse to investing in technologies used in state of the art automotive plants and applying them to the building industry.

We were amongst the first to employ robotic automation to our manufacturing processes along with utilising twin shot technology to improve the design and manufacture of several of our products.


Notable Innovations

Manthorpe’s in house design team has pioneered several product innovations over the years;

Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal

The radiator pipe guide and seal range was an important innovation which has had a major impact on the building products industry. These products have helped house builders excel to new levels of air tightness within their buildings. The range of seals provides an effective barrier to the entry points of pipe work behind radiators, preventing the loss of warm air through the detail.

Flash Ventilator System

The unique flash ventilator system is a simple one piece roll-out, easy fit sheet that provides ventilation for abutment roof details. Manthorpe’s Research and Development team has addressed the need for a flexible and effective system by incorporating a series of nodules into the design on both sides of the flexible vent roll. This not only provides the required airflow but includes an integral fly screen and maximises support of the lead.

Swift Brick

Developed in conjunction with major house builders and conservation experts, the Swift Brick allows developers to meet requirements for providing suitable habitats for swifts within new build developments and is a very cost effective solution. It may also be used in single house builds, two story extensions or even when undertaking major roof and structural repairs to existing buildings.

G965 Dual Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator

The G965 Dual Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator was a major innovation providing a solution to ventilating increasing cavity widths.

The current and future requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations along with other standards and regulations have led to an increase in the depth of thermal insulation in suspended floors along with an increase in cavity widths to accommodate greater amounts of cavity wall insulation. The G965 is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to a void beneath an insulated suspended floor.

G630 Felt Lap Vent

The Manthorpe G630 Felt Lap Vent is a refurbishment product designed to increase the amount of ventilation into existing roof spaces. Usually fitted retrospectively to properties with additional loft insulation recently installed, the Felt Lap Vent will help to combat the problem of condensation build up in any roof space with a lapped felt/membrane construction.