About Us

From design through manufacture to sales Manthorpe Building Products is an ambitious, dynamic company committed to delivering excellence to our customers. Proud of our investment in manufacturing equipment and staff we continually strive to improve every aspect of our business.

With over 30 years experience in the plastics industry we manufacture virtually all our products in-house and in recent years we have invested extensively in technology and cutting edge machinery. Using modern manufacturing processes we injection mould, extrude and vacuum form to a high standard. Our product portfolio is comprehensive and product development is ongoing through our in-house R&D Department and our state of the art IT systems help to support and grow every aspect of our business.

About Manthorpe


Established in 1986, as part of the Manthorpe Group, Manthorpe Building Products allowed Manthorpe to branch out its extensive engineering and manufacturing experience into the area of plastic injection moulding, vacuum forming and extrusion.

From its humble beginnings Manthorpe Building Products is now an ambitious and dynamic company in its own right producing its own range of market leading products for the building industry with particular emphasis on domestic new build. From design to sales we are very proud of our investment in new manufacturing equipment and staff, continually striving to improve every aspect of our business.


Now with over 30 years experience in the plastics industry we manufacture virtually our entire product range in-house from our ever growing UK site in the heart of Derbyshire. Proud of our UK heritage we invest heavily in skills from the local area to help grow our skill and knowledge base.

In recent years we have invested extensively in levels of technology and cutting edge machinery that wouldn’t be out of place in the automotive sector, using these advanced manufacturing methods to push the boundaries of building product quality to new heights. As the drive for energy efficiency has focused heavily on the building industry in the last few years, the requirement for quality building solutions has become paramount, and thanks to years of hard work and investment, Manthorpe is delivering on those demands.