Introducing the New Roll-Out Ridge and Hip Clay System

Added 30.10.2017

Our best selling ridge & hip systems are now available for clay ridge and hip tiles!
The Manthorpe roll-out dry fix ridge and hip are mechanically fixed systems which securely fix the ridge and hip tiles onto a roof in accordance with British Standard and NHBC requirements. With no need for mortar the fitting is quick, easy and clean, and can be done in all weather conditions. 
Concrete tiles and dry fix systems have been the products of choice for UK house builders but the advent of more economical clay roof tiles and the increased awareness of the cost and performance advantages of dry fix systems means that there is a significant demand for dry ridge and hip systems that are designed for clay ridge and hip tiles.
The new clay kit is designed to suit traditionally thicker clay ridge and hip tiles (both round and angled), but is also compatible with concrete tiles and can be fitted onto most roof coverings, including profiled tiles, plain tiles and slates.
The kits come with new and improved flexible unions which work perfectly with round and angled ridge and hip tiles. In addition the new unions incorporate flexible end tabs which can be folded back or trimmed off in order to suit shorter ridge & hip tile lengths and retain the popular moulded-in security tabs which remove the need for fiddly push-in clips.
The system is suitable for duo pitch roof between 15 and 45 degrees and provides 5,000mm2/m of ventilation. 

Both systems are available in black and brown. 

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