Launch of a full SmartVerge roofing range providing the ultimate choice

Added 06.11.2017

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our leading SmartVerge dry verge roofing range with the addition of ambidextrous and polypropylene options. In the latest revisions to BS 5534, dry verge roofing solutions have been highlighted as a low maintenance and cost effective alternative to mortar bedding, and our updated portfolio has a product suitable for every possible application and preference. 

A durable and lasting alternative to mortar bedding, dry verge roofing systems offer a low maintenance method that eradicates the need to mix and use mortar and the concern that it could crack. 

The new SmartVerge Ambidextrous system ensures that there is a high quality solution. With its quick and easy installation method, it is ideal for installers looking for an alternative to using a handed unit. The carefully designed system has a subtle stepped aesthetic that is mirrored at the bottom of the unit to create a softer and smoother roofline than other ambidextrous systems. 

The new SmartVerge Polypropylene Handed unit is a cost competitive dry verge product suitable for all projects. Benefitting from a traditional installation method, the unit is available in a range of colours to ensure seamless integration with the popular shades of concrete tiles. 

These new products along with the established SmartVerge PVCu Handed and SmartVerge Linear, provide installers the ultimate choice in design, material and installation method. 

Gareth Wright, Sales Director at Manthorpe Building Products said, “With the latest revisions to BS 5534 encouraging the use of dry fix roofing, the good news for installers is that our expanded SmartVerge range provides options for all applications and preferences. Products will save valuable time onsite through quick and simple installation, and in terms of durability provide outstanding resistance to wind uplift and water penetration.”

The complete range has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to showcase superior performance, with each product withstanding wind speeds in excess of 100mph. 

Compatible with interlocking concrete titles, the systems can be fitted with standard tools and no specialist training. Installation can even take place in wet or frosty weather, as the mechanical process will ensure a secure and durable fit.

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