Slate Ventilator Range


The small format in-line slate ventilator is a low profile, unobtrusive solution to ventilation requirements through a slate roof covered with smaller sized slates. The integral pipe outlet is perfect for extraction and requires no additional adaptor.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    The Manthorpe Small Format In-Line Slate Ventilator is designed to provide a quick and simple solution to the problems of roof space ventilation and mechanical extraction through a roof covered with natural or man-made slates from 400 x 200mm up to 500 x 250mm.

    The vents flush profile with its lightly textured finish helps to maintain an unbroken appearance to the roofline whether used at high or low level.

    The tortured path through the 4mm louvred grill and internal geometry is designed to maintain airflow whilst channelling any water ingress out of the vent and on to the roof covering. A protective skirt around the vent also helps to weatherproof the laps with the surrounding slates.

    Key Features

    • Discreet, unobtrusive design
    • Suitable down to 22.5° roof pitch (30° with 400 x 200mm slates)
    • For use with 500 x 250mm format slates
    • Can be used with smaller 400 x 200mm slates
    • Wind tunnel tested at the BRE
    • Built in spigot, no need for an adaptor
    • Protective edge skirt improves weatherproofing
    • 6,000mm²/M of free vent area per unit
  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    On the two slates below, mark out an area that is 250mm wide (125mm per slate) and as far down as the top edge of the slates on the course below, trim the slates to remove these areas.

    Mark out a rectangle 250mm wide on the underlay between the battens, cut across the diagonals and fold the 4 tabs outward, securing the top with a staple or tack.

    Insert the slate vent into position and fix using holes provided and a copper disc rivet at the front edge.

    Dress the surrounding slates over the vent, the slates above will need to be trimmed to exposed the grille.


    BRE Report P107103-1000 - Weathertightness Testing of Manthorpe Small Format In-Line Slate Vent.pdf

    Regulations & Standards

    BS 5250:2011 Control of Condensation in Building

    BS 5534:2014 Code of Practice for Slate and Tiling

    BRE prEN 15601

    Building Regulations 2010

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    Size format:
    Max: 500mm x 250mm
    Min 400 x 250mm

    Minimum pitches:
    500 x 250 format: 22.5°
    400 x 200 format: 30°

    Max Gauge:
    195mm (for 500 x 250mm)
    160mm (for 400 x 200mm)






    Quantity Information

    10 per box