Tile Access Panels


The Tile Access Panel blends seamlessly into tiled surfaces, providing an opening to concealed pipe work and other utilities in rooms with tiled walls such as bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    In many modern bathrooms and kitchens the effect of tiling is spoiled by pieces of plasterboard screwed to the wall providing access to the utilities behind. The whole look of the room suffers, but with the revolutionary Tile Access Panel, the opening blends seamlessly into tiled surfaces, providing an access to concealed pipe work and other utilities in rooms with tiled walls.

    The GLTAP-500 Tile Access Panel is quick and easy to fit and once installed discretely matches surrounding tiles by creating the door panel itself from the same tiles. The panels framework can be adjusted to fit an aperture ranging in size from 150mm2 to 465mm2, then the tiles can be mounted within to fit in with the overall feel of the room. The fully removable panel is then installed on a hidden hinge and secured in place by a touch release magnetic catches.

    The standard pack provides enough components to make one panel, a contractor pack is available as a larger kit of parts allowing the creation of up to 5 panels with greater flexibility on size, see data sheet for details.

    Key Features

    • Flush finish, concealed panel.
    • Uses tiled finish to create hidden door.
    • Magnetic touch release catches.
    • Can be made up to suit various sizes of tile.
    • Comes as kit of parts.
    • Contractor pack available (GLTAP-5CP).
  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    Calculate panel size based on dimensions and number of tiles being used.

    Prepare the opening and frame edging lengths. Assemble corner units and mount the frame and door backer board.

    Tile the door panel and area around the opening.



    Regulations & Standards

    Approved Document J (2010) - 1.47 Concealed Flues

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    Minimum opening size 150mm x 150mm.

    Maximum opening size 465mm x 465mm.

    Maximum panel weight 5kg.


    uPVC frame extrusions.

    High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) corner braces.

    Fibre Cement backing board.


    Quantity Information

    Kit of parts for 1 panel.