Radiator Pipe Guide and Seals


The Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal provides an effective barrier to the entry points of pipe work behind radiators, preventing the loss of warm air through the detail.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    The GRS Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal provides an impermeable barrier at the point at which radiator pipes meet the wall – an area identified as a key point for the loss of heat.

    Until now there has been no method of properly sealing this area, and because of this, many installations leave gaps around pipes. This allows heat to escape and bills to soar.

    This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs from all points of view, and one that could result in the failure of the mandatory pressure test - leading practical problems and financial consequences.

    Designed for use with increasingly popular plastic pipes, the Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal ensures there are no gaps through which heat can be lost. The innovative design guides pipes to the radiator, preventing kinks and twists.

    Inexpensive and easy to fit, the product provides a highly effective barrier conserving energy and reducing fuel costs.

    For builders it is an ingeniously simple way of complying with the revised Part L regulations regarding air leakage.

    Key Features

    • Pipe clamp – preventing chafing of pipes
    • Skim-bead – provides guide for plastering up to
    • 80mm radius pipe guide – eliminates kinks and helps prevent pipe sag
    • An air tight, twin shot TPE gasket prevents air leakage
    • Four secure fixing points allows accurate installation
  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    Thread the radiator pipe through the back of the seal, leave a loop before passing it back through.

    Mount the seal to the blockwork or to noggins on a stud wall, positioned directly behind the proposed place for the radiator.

    Cut out an opening for the seal in the plasterboard and mount it over, pulling the pipe work through beforehand.



    Regulations & Standards

    Building Regulations Part L Air Leakage.

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    For use with 10mm dia. plastic pipe

    Weight 80g per unit
    1.96 kg per box

    190mm x 190mm
    Depth 30mm


    Thermoplastic Elastomer



    Quantity Information

    20 per box