The Swift Brick has been developed to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well built construction of modern houses.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    As modern building practices have greatly improved the quality of new homes in the UK, some have actually suffered from the advances in building regulation. Bird species such as swifts have occupied the cracks and crevices in our buildings for thousands of years, but the improved standard and style of modern construction has put their survival in our towns and cities at risk.

    These popular birds come to the UK for three months during the summer to raise their young and can be seen on warm evenings giving spectacular displays. They eat large quantities of insect pests and spiders. They prefer nesting in small groups but the population has been dwindling for many years as suitable nest sites have become scarcer.

    The Manthorpe Swift Brick has been developed in conjunction with major house builders and conservation experts to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well built construction of modern houses.

    Key Features

    • Takes the place of a single brick the coloured face blends in to the surrounding masonry.
    • Neat and simple to install, can be fitted quickly during the bricklaying.
    • Integral nest concave provides ideal starting point for nest building.
    • 29 x 65 mm opening leading into a recessed entry tunnel.
    • 413cm2 of floor area gives the maximum habitable living space within the wall construction.
    • A built in cavity tray detail within the roof of the brick protects against water ingress.
    • Aesthetically pleasing exterior sanded finish in Antique Red and Terracotta allowing the product to blend seamlessly with the brickwork.


  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    The Swift Brick should be located high within the gable wall of the property, ideally at 5 metres high and above and over the level of the insulation zone. Where possible, install in locations that are unlikely to receive large amounts of direct sunlight during the hottest times of the day, ideal places include below the overhang of the verge and barge board.



    Regulations & Standards

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    227 x 80mm face, takes the place of a single brick.

    29 x 65mm entrance opening.


    Base material:


    Top material:



    Slate Grey
    Antique Red

    Quantity Information

    2 per box