Lintel Tray System


Manthorpe's Lintel Tray System can be fitted above a door or window opening to remove rain water that has been rain-driven through the brickwork.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    The Manthorpe range of Lintel Trays are fabricated in three different sizes to suit cavity widths up to 150mm and lintel heights of 230mm, they are available in rolled lengths of 5 & 25 meters. Its pre-creased design enables the tray to be folded to suit a variety of lintel profiles and its rigidity allows it to be self supporting. This eliminates the need to build into the inner leaf wall.

    Manthorpe’s Lintel Trays are designed in response to NHBC and British Standard requirements. These state that cavity tray/dampproof protection should be provided over all openings.

    The Lintel Tray is made of tough, durable polypropylene and will protect cavity wall lintels against corrosion from moisture. Any water collects on the top of the lintel tray and is contained by the stop ends. The water is then directed to the outside of the building through Peep or Weep Vents in the outer cavity.

    Key Features

    • Various sizes to suit a wide range of lintel
    • Pre-creased to suit different profiles
    • Versatile lengths of 5 and 25 metres.
    • Fixed and adjustable stop-ends
  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    Cut the tray to the length of the lintel, adding extra for a 150mm overhang at each end. Fold along the pre-creased lines ensuring the textured side is facing down.

    Place the tray on the lintel, bedding it into position and continue the bricklaying. Ensure the tray is not obstructed by mortar drops and spans the full width of the cavity, resiting against the inner leaf.

    Place a weep vent every 450mm.



    Regulations & Standards

    BS 5628-3:2005 Code of practice for the use of masonry.

    BS 8215:1991. Code of practice for design and installation of damp-proof courses in masonry construction.

    NHBC Standards 6.1

    BRE DIGEST 262/380

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    Width: 400mm
    Length: 5m roll and 25m roll

    Width: 463mm
    Length: 5m roll and 25m roll

    Width: 530mm
    Length: 5m roll and 25m roll





    Quantity Information

    Lengths rolled & packed into polythene bag