Pipe & Cable Ducting


Ducting to provide easy access for service pipes and cables. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying amounts of cables and pipes.

  • Description & Key Features

    Product Description

    The GW530 Pipe and Cable Ducting and GW531 Cover board is designed to provide a cost effective solution over traditional methods of shuttering which can be complicated and time consuming to form.
    The duct is ideal for internal runs of cables and other services for up to two pipes in concrete screed floors.
    Cover board joints should be staggered so not to coincide with duct joints so there is no risk of the duct distorting.
    “T” joints and corners can be formed by mitering both sections of the ducting using a fine cut saw and are detailed in general fitting sheet (MBP 8067).
    Future access is simply obtained by first removing the floor covering and then un-screwing the cover board.

    Key Features

    • Provides easy access for service pipes and cables
    • The components are easy to handle, cut and fix
    • Joints and corners formed by simple mitring
    • The ducting is available in various sizes to accommodate multiple pipe sizes
  • Technical

    Fitting Requirements

    Lay the duct on the levelled sub-floor, movement of the duct during screeding can be prevented by pinning the duct lightly to the sub-floor using masonry nails. The cover boards should then be laid in position to keep the duct straight during screeding, wet haunch either side of the duct along its length. If an expansion joint is to be used in the dry screed it should be set a minimum of 50mm away from the pipe and cable ducting.



    Regulations & Standards

    Water supply bye laws 58
    Water supply bye laws 99

  • Specifications

    Size Information

    Width: 150mm
    Depth 70mm
    Length: 3m

    Width: 146mm
    Depth: 12mm
    Length: 2.44m


    GW530: UPVC
    GW531: Weather/Boil Proof Plywood


    GW530: White
    GW531: Natural

    Quantity Information

    GW530: packed in 10's in poly sleeve
    GW531: packed in 10's