BS 8612: Setting the standard for dry fix roofing

Added 01.02.2018

On February 1st 2018, a new British Standard came into effect to help provide guidance to the roofing industry on the performance and quality of dry fix roofing systems. Titled ‘BS 8612: Dry fixed ridge, hip, and verge systems for slating and tiling – Specification’, the new British Standard has been written in response to a shift in the industry in recent years toward the use of dry fix systems over traditional mortar bedding and the subsequent rise in competing products within the market. High levels of competition can lead to a dip in quality, and BS 8612 aims to address this by providing specific guidance on a range of performance criteria and a standardised metric in which all systems can be compared.

Manthorpe Building Products has been an industry leader in quality dry fix roofing systems for over 15 years, helping to pioneer innovative new verge, ridge and hip systems for the roofing industry and the introduction of BS 8612 provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate this quality. Our dry fix ridge, hip and verge products have been extensively tested to ensure that they will comply with the performance criteria outlined in BS 8612. With our new SmartVerge Polypropylene systems having been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the new standard.

In addition, our dry fix roofing systems have been vigorously wind tunnel tested by the BRE to analyse their performance on the roof under extreme circumstances. These independent tests include assessments of the wind uplift loads, weathering performance against driving rain and high speed wind resilience which found that all of our dry verge products were able to comfortably withstand wind speeds in excess of 100mph.

We at Manthorpe are proud of the top quality in house design and British manufacture that goes into producing all of our dry fix roofing products. Our extensive range of in-house and third party tests helps to give us complete confidence to assure all of our customers that our dry fix solutions will comply with BS 8612 and continue to meet all of your roofing requirements.